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I'll add another supporting quote. Mathematician Niels Henrik Abel says of Gauss : "He is like the fox, who effaces his tracks in the sand with his tail."

A counter-example to this sleight-of-hand behavior is Euler. As related by Polya here: AnalogyIn Mathema...(read more)

I wonder the same! It's almost like a reverse version of Four-Leaf Clovers. (I'm not a biologist, just a dude with a camera.)

40 minutes later, I was able to catch three of them in one picture. (One is right by the flag reflected in the water, the second jellyfish is below it, and the third is belo...(read more)

Apropos jellyfish symmetry, I saw a couple of trilaterally symmetric jellyfish in the Flensburg harbor this summer. Here's a picture of one (center right):