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There are certainly various sorts of sports and games, which I didn't talk about because I don't like sports. I'd imagine both a Baseline Human and a Transhuman league, depending on your preferences. There are also the normal human status games about trying to be the best scientist or artist or writ...(read more)

I think that American society makes it very difficult to have friends (television, absence of third places, giant houses with individual yards so you have to drive to see people, stigmatization of men having intimate nonromantic friendships, etc). The vast majority of the change is not doing that. I...(read more)

How do you feel about videogames/sports?

Hmm. So, I certainly support more small events like you describe, but I'm not sure I grok what your goal with them is. "American Civic Religion is competitive with twice-a-year Catholics" sounds true, but Broader-Rationality-Culture already seems at-least-as-good as both of those. i.e, with Modern A...(read more)

Advice for pregnant people is really bad. The advice is so risk-averse that it generally doesn't clearly distinguish between "this is moderately risky," "this is a very small risk," and "we have not conclusively proven that a risk does not exist," which means that there are far more pieces of advice...(read more)

I note that reddit and stack exchange have both tags and groups. (Reddit tags are hacked on, but e.g. askreddit has "serious", used for setting different rules; dating subs have x4y, used for filtering.) I don't want to draw any strong conclusions from this, but I think it hints that if you have sub...(read more)

Might this be one of those cases where the full Bayesian treatment can be used? Using an occamanian prior over functions over your-featuresspace generated by some ML model?

It seems like nobody run studies to answer the question of whether you can increase programmer productivity by teaching a programmer to type faster. This hypothesis is made by bloggers like Jeff Atwood. Increasing programmer productivity is a problem that's very important for our society but typing...(read more)

Not speaking for Christian here. Personally, I can't steelman suggestions that have never been defended. I see the point of steelmanning as trying in good faith to build the strongest version of an opposing view, and then criticizing it. However, to do that, I need material! I need the voice of a pr...(read more)

True, and it's a good 80/20 of what we want. Is it worth improving upon? Maybe: Their categories only focus on solving problems and not on improving above baseline. Creating our own software and integrating it with the LW 2.0 website might provide a schelling point, causing many more rationalists ...(read more)