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1 min read
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My attempt to explain Looking, insight meditation, and enlightenment in non-mysterious terms

17 min read
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Making yourself small

11 min read
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On the Loss and Preservation of Knowledge

Samo Burja
Samo's Medium
6 min read
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Book Review: Consciousness Explained

Charlie Steiner
21 min read
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The abruptness of nuclear weapons

1 min read
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Extended Quote on the Institution of Academia

Ben Pace
8 min read
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[Link] Arguments about fast takeoff

1 min read
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Robustness to Scale

Scott Garrabrant
1 min read
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Two types of mathematician

4 min read
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What Are Meetups Actually Trying to Accomplish?

11 min read
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The Craft and the Community

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Strengthening the foundations under the Overton Window without moving itby KatjaGrace
As I understand them, the social rules for interacting with people you disagree with are like this: * You should argue with people who are a bit wrong * You should refuse to argue with people who are very wrong, because it makes them seem more plausibly right to onlookers I think this has some...(Read more)

user:tempus has been reposting his reply to this comment from many different accounts (without also reposting my reply). Meanwhile, I think it's received multiple downvotes, and the same might be true of gjm's comment below. If these downvotes are from legitimate users, then I apologize, but if I ha...(read more)

Naming the Namelessby sarahconstantin
_Epistemic status: political, opinionated, personal, all the typical caveats for controversial posts._ I was talking with a libertarian friend of mine the other day about my growing discomfort with the political culture in the Bay Area, and he asked why I didn't just move. It's a good question.  P...(Read more)

gwern made a similar argument in "[Culture is not about Esthetics](":

> Let’s look back on the argument:

> 1\. Society ought to discourage economically inefficient activities. > At least, it ought not to encourage inefficiency. It may not do t...(read more)

Yeah, society might be spending the right amount of effort on art for personal pleasure. But I still think it's spending too much effort on creating art for sale, judging from how many people are trying and failing to sell their art, not just create it and sit content...

I don't quite disagree, but "modern" can be a somewhat confusing term. William Shakespeare lived during what is now called the early modern period, and he was far from a "star" among his contemporaries; more importantly, even very notable men of letters who lived at the same time seem to only have b...(read more)

LW Migration Announcementby Vaniver
The votes are in, and of the eligible 376 voters, 102 voted to Migrate and 15 voted to archive. With 87% in favor, we’re going ahead with the transition, which will begin tomorrow (3/22) at 6pm Pacific time. Trike will take a snapshot of the database, transfer it to us, and we’ll begin the database...(Read more)

This seems quite right for the new feature of "private blogs" here on LW2, and for "drafts", which IIRC behaved as you describe, even on LW1. But ordinary posts on LW1 were *unambiguously* public (both in the Main and in the later-added Discussion section)--roughly equivalent in visibility to "Featu...(read more)

There's also an argument for not fixing it, in that if an author deletes his whole posting history then he might want all traces of it removed, and making the comments (which contain information about the post) inaccessible respects that wish more than keeping them available.

Not grandparent, but browsing through my private notebook for potentially breaking links, eg:

[\_wrong\_product\_service\_recommendations/6yry]( <\- which is one _sp...(read more)

Hammertime Final Examby alkjash
This is part 30 of 30 in the Hammertime Sequence. Click here for the intro. One of the overarching themes from CFAR, related to The Strategic Level, is that what you learn at CFAR is not a specific technique or set of techniques, but the cognitive strategy that produced those techniques. It follows ...(Read more)

Pre-committing to writing the final by April 30th. Thanks for the prompt to pre-commit.

Inspired by lifelonglearner's submission "[No Do-Overs,](" I want to add:

The OFFICIAL DEADLINE for Hammertime Final Exam submissions is 11:59pm PDT, April 30, 2018. High-quality submissions will be immortalized in...(read more)

That analysis of Eliezer is false. He found a low-spoons activity that had a good shot of being high impact. I believe he continued to (and continues to) spend all of his actual spoons on his mainline saving the world plan.

Values determined by "stopping" propertiesby Stuart_Armstrong
The lotus-eaters are examples of humans who have followed hedonism all the way through to its logical conclusion. In contrast, the "mindless outsourcers" are a possible consequence of the urge to efficiency: competitive pressures making uploads choose to destroy their own identity. In my "Mahatma Ar...(Read more)

Answer 2:

My general position: if the destination is good, we should be able to tell, now, that it is at least an acceptable destination, maybe with some oddities. And by saying that, I'm saying that the destination needs to be tied to our current values, at least to some extent.

If you claim that...(read more)

(note: moral realism is complex and varied and I only sorta-understand a small portion of it; this answer is about that small portion)

We don't know anything about the features of the moral realism destination, just that it is, in some sense, the true morality. Some moral realists seem to explicitl...(read more)

> This, by the way, explains my intuitive dislike for some types of moral realism. If there are true objective moral facts that humans can access, then whatever process counts as "accessing them" becomes... a local stopping condition for defining value.

I'm not sure I understand what you're getting...(read more)

Browser Bug Hunt for migrationby Raemon
As we get ready for the final move of []( to [](, we're addressing various browser compatibility issues. We've recently updated some compatibility tools that fixed several of the older bugs. If you've run into  compatibility ...(Read more)

For some strange reason, on my iPhone I can reply to comments properly, but I can't post a new comment because instead of a box to type in, there's an extremely narrow oval that grows and shrinks. I actually can type in it, but it's only one letter wide and constantly moving, so I can't see anything...(read more)

Voting seems to be broken?

Edit: nvm, works after refresh.