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I don't think there is a disagreement on the location of the post.

People might have simply not liked that post. This is what is implied by the comment you replied to. (Or it might have been edited since.)

I declare Crocker's rules []. If you have more criticism, please share it.

1. True. I've written a bit about the disagreement in other posts, but it isn't clear here. I'll fix it.

2. I thoroughly disagree. - General knowledge and common knowledge are different. 99% of th...(read more)

Agree with most of this. Here are more precise thoughts:

1. Agree that lag is bad. Performance and speed continues to be top priority. Our main performance branch with significant improvements in this area is currently blocked from merging by a bug in Meteor [ more)

You may well be right, but it's also possible that some readers think (1) Galfour did well to write up his thoughts but (2) now that we've seen them his thoughts are terrible. (Ridiculous over-the-top analogy: you ask a friend to tell you honestly and without filters what his political opinions are....(read more)

That's a true and important insight. But to be fair, this comment doesn't tell me when to do Focusing either? Like, it points out "a feeling of nothing could be a feeling of nothing, or it could be a place where you have insufficient sensitivity and resolution."

And in general, thinking strategica...(read more)

I like this a lot. Another way that I've enjoyed thinking about this is in terms of the area under the curve. If you imagine your happiness/energy/life/motivation/whatever as a line above the x-axis, a line that can rise or fall in steep or shallow slopes, then the idea isn't to ramp up as high as p...(read more)

My own four cents:

Visually this is a noticeable improvement. Cleaner design. Larger body text with reasonable max-width. Less UI "noise". I haven't messed around much with the interface; there are probably other positives. Only significant visual regression is the lack of alternating colors on com...(read more)

The first time that Maximilien reassures Balthazar, telling him that it's no big deal that he postponed their meeting, I think Maximilien wants to communicate something like:

There's no need for you to worry about me in particular. I trust that you already have a good model of the costs of things l...(read more)

Galfour was specifically asked to write his thought up in this thread:

It seems either this was posted to the wrong place, or there is some disagreement within the communi...(read more)

"Ontology" also has the connotation of the big questions of what kind of stuff the world is; what's called the top-level ontology when people are being more precise. I'm not talking about questions of putting the physical and the mental in the right relation to each other and so on.

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