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I note that reddit and stack exchange have both tags and groups. (Reddit tags are hacked on, but e.g. askreddit has "serious", used for setting different rules; dating subs have x4y, used for filtering.) I don't want to draw any strong conclusions from this, but I think it hints that if you have sub...(read more)

That's so, but there's also a meaningful sense in which "the human centipede was too scary for Fred" is a fact about the movie, while "the very hungry caterpillar was too scary for Fred" is a fact about Fred. One has a lot of predictive power for how other people will react to the same movie, and ve...(read more)

The majority of this comment (from "I did read and reblog") seems like it's changing the subject, in a direction that looks a lot like point-scoring. Ozy was saying that you had sources of information about Berkeley that did not appear to inform this post; in response, you bring up the question of r...(read more)

It was andmanaging career

(It's not pasting in well either, but you get the idea.)

(You might want to know that your footnotes link to the edit page for this post, rather than being internal links.)

The first part seems very good. His first season was the team's best since 2001, and his second season was a league record.

I agree that the post would have been much clearer if this had been elaborated.

If I understand you and FHE correctly: that's what the FHE is doing.

1. A calculates msg_1 = Encrypt(A_source, A_key) to B 2. B sends msg_2 = Sign(Validate(msg_1), B_key) to A 3. A sends msg_3 = Decrypt(msg_2, A_key) to B. By the magic of FHE, msg_3 == Sign(Validate(A_sou...(read more)

(I haven't yet read this or Bring Back the Sabbath, but your link to BBTS asks for a login. In case anyone else hasn't seen it yet: or

I will add that when link posts have text, it's basically two separate articles that share a vote count. E.g. the front page has your link to which people can vote on. But if they click through to the comments section,...(read more)

That seems a good strategy, yes.

To clarify, all I'd be requesting is like "also on my blog, with more swears and politics". (Even "with minor changes" would signal to me that I should read it there; but "more swears and politics" would tell me that even if I hadn't seen this thread.)