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A bit off the main topic, but what was the Ketosylent recipe?

Small but important change State every belief as a probability that is less than 100% -> State every belief as a probability that is less than 100% and greater than 0.

I enjoyed this post. Citations would have been strongly appreciated but I think posting this without citations > not posting, so I upvoted anyway. In the spirt of crowdsourced fact checking I semi-randomly picked the Darwin quote and hox genes to briefly research. The Darwin quote is real, and its u...(read more)

New posts also start with their user having upvoted them once, so if you have 25 karma, you'll start with 3 points.

I have observed that this upvote does not effect the posters karma, this is a good design, but not clear from the text of this post.

I like this object level review. I think that epistemic spot checks are a good idea overall, and like the focus on extracting the underlying model. However, I am worried that just checking the citations that are actually provided in the book makes this sort of check non-robust against the type of se...(read more)

This is kinda sorta, but not quite what happens with the flexible group I was talking about.

I've been thinking about this lately, in large part because the person I'm dating has health problems that cause us as a couple to be much less reliable than I have a reputation for and this has caused serious pushback from some of my friends when I have been unexpectedly unreliable. And frankly I k...(read more)