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I attended in the Bay last year and also had a bad time because of the screaming child. Thanks for being willing to complain about this in the face of social pressure not to.

Some additional thoughts:

- Don't underestimate Wikipedia as a really good place to get a (usually) unbiased overview of things and links to more in-depth sources.

- The warning against biased sources is well-taken, but if you're looking into something controversial, you might have to just read th...(read more)

I have about six of these floating around in my drafts. This makes me think that maybe I should post them; I didn't think they were that interesting to anyone but me.


Nice work.

If possible, please do a formal writeup like this:

If possible, please change the data on your PDF file to include an option to have it without nonresponders. For example, right now sex is 66% male, 12% female, unknown 22%, which makes it...(read more)

If you throw out the data, I request you keep the thrown-out data somewhere else so I can see how people responded to the issue.

> "In general I planned to handle the "within 10 cm" thing during analysis. Try to fermi estimate the value and give your closest answer, then the probability you got it right. We can look at how close your confidence was to a sane range of values for the answer."

But unless I'm misunderstanding yo...(read more)

Elo, thanks a lot for doing this.

(for the record, Elo tried really hard to get me involved and I procrastinated helping and forgot about it. I 100% endorse this.)

My only suggestion is to create a margin of error on the calibration questions, eg "How big is the soccer ball, to within 10 cm?". Oth...(read more)

This idea of having more "bandwidth" is tempting, but not really scientifically supported as far as I can tell, unless he just means autists have more free time/energy than neurotypicals.

If race were a factor in twin studies, I think it would show up only in shared environment, since it differs between families but never within families (and is not differently different in MZ vs. DZ twins). That means it would not show in "heredity", unless we're talking about interracial couples wi...(read more)