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8 min read
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Slack for your belief system

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Being Correct as Attire

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Typical Minding Guilt/Shame

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I teach a class on Creative Focusing, and it's basically an exercise in lowering the Gates. The feeling I get is one of knowingly jumping off a cliff into the unknown. I call this "Surrendering to the unknown." I open my mouth and let my gut generate poetry in real-time, on the fly. There's still...(read more)

hmm. i don't really have much to say on that prediction. maybe it's falsifiable. i find the comparison a bit odd. i consider there to be two main ways of getting to know oneself. inside view methods, like introspection; and outside view methods, like observing our own behavior over time and noticin...(read more)

I slightly object then to this phrase "I’ll start by explaining my most gears-like model for why focusing works" yes, it is accurate, in that it's YOUR most gears-like model, but to me this reads like a misuse of the term 'gears-like' 'gears-like' implies—if it turned out to be some other thing or...(read more)

Yup! That totally makes sense (the stuff in the link) and the thing about the coins. Also not what I'm trying to talk about here. I'm not interested in sharing posteriors. I'm interested in sharing the methods for which people arrive at their posteriors (this is what Double Crux is all about). So...(read more)

Aw Geez, well if you happen to explain your views somewhere I'd be happy to read them. I can't find any comments of yours on the Sabien's Double Crux post or on the post called Contra Double Crux.

I do not know how to operationalize this into a bet, but I would if I could. My bet would be something like... If a person can Belief Report / do Focusing on their beliefs (this might already eliminate a bunch of people) Then I bet some lower-level belief-node (a crux) could be found that would al...(read more)

[ I responded to an older, longer version of cousin_it's comment here, which was very different from what it looks like at present; right now, my comment doesn't make a whole lot of sense without that context, but I'll leave it I guess ] This is a fascinating, alternative perspective! If this is wha...(read more)

it is quite a bit of cognitive overhead for the average commenter to have to memorize the moderation norms of 20 different personal blogs yeah i'm worried about this... would like it if there were some obvious indication when someone's moderation policy significantly deviates from what one would ty...(read more)

I think I'm expecting people to understand what "finding cruxes" looks like, but this is probably unreasonable of me. This is an hour-long class at CFAR, before "Double Crux" is actually taught. And even then, I suspect most people do not actually get the finer, deeper points of Finding Cruxes. My ...(read more)

I, for one, am not anti-criticism. I also suspect Ray isn't either, and isn't saying that in his post, but it's a long post, so I might have missed something. The thing I find annoying to deal with is when discussion is subtly more about politics than the actual thing, which Ray does mention. I fe...(read more)