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I'm Harry Altman. I do strange sorts of math. Highly upvoted posts: * [A summary of Savage's foundations for probability and utility]( -- if the arguments used to ground probability and utility seem circular to you, here's a non-circular way of doing it. * [Should correlation coefficients be expressed as angles?](

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Worth noting: Eliezer failed to mention the phrase "assurance contract", but that's what the thing he was talking about is called. If you want to see what's been done with assurance contract platforms already, it's something you'll want to look up.

Minor problem: Markdown doesn't seem to work in profiles. I copied over my old profile from LessWrong (with some small modification) but the Markdown doesn't work now.

(Note, this is a much smaller problem than the horribly confusing Markdow/rich-text-editor-cobbled-together-thing that's currently...(read more)

Blargh, thanks. Stupid pseudo-Markdown rich text editor... this thing is really awful. We really just need a straightforward comment box, ideally supporting preview for Markdown stuff, with optionally some sort of rich-text editor for those who want it; this current system is just an incomprehensi...(read more)

Well I just visisted LW 2.0 for the first time in a while and the new comment editor... I'm sorry but it's really, really bad. Markdown that is automatically converted into rich text, or automatically displayed as rich text, or whatever is going on... how does one work with this? How does one edit...(read more)


The term you're looking for here is assurance contract. (And yes, they're horribly underused.)

Adding separate comment so this'll be seen -- you should probably take a look at some of the comments over on SSC [] ( another one []). (Helps mitigat...(read more)

It looks completely undistinguished to me. I'm using Firefox 55.0.2 on Linux Mint 18.1.

The site is just too slow to load, IMO.

Also, echoing other users who said it's too hard to find anything. I have no idea how I would, say, scroll through the chronological archives. (And there should *be* chronological archives. Think standard features available on a blog, or Reddit, or StackExcha...(read more)

Sorry, but would you mind fixing the second link in Wei Dai's initial comment so that it goes directly to the thing it's linking to rather than through Facebook? Thank you!

I don't know about California, but here in Michigan at least I believe it is legal so long as the building is a "shared dwelling space". If it consists of separate apartments, then no you're not allowed to discriminate like that. (Note: Not a lawyer, there may be subtleties I'm missing. Just stat...(read more)