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I'm currently working on a blockchain startup with friends. Movie buff, instrumental rationality fan, and life extension advocate. Feel free to message me for Berkeley restaurant recommendations or just to connect. Follow me on Facebook to read my posts related to self-improvement, risk aversion, experimentation, and other fun:

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[Link] Large Mammal BPF Prize Winning Announcement

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The Benefits of Taking Cold Showers: A 3 Month Trial

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Thanks for writing this! I would love to hear more about this and if you have links in mind, would love to read them:

"As with lots of interpersonal concepts, this can also be useful internally: if you’re familiar with internal double crux / internal family systems / other “parts-work”, play around...(read more)

For people interested in nuclear war history, the 2003 documentary The Fog of War is wonderful. Alex Wellerstein's blog is also great:

This also reminds me of how companies may benefit like Buffer's commitment to transparency: https://o...(read more)

Yes, that's a good point regarding having to be mindful of the shared history and not wanting to have to change that to open it up to a broader audience. I guess the easiest thing to do would be to write the same and have the para-readers like me accept that they just won't get certain references.

That's okay! Thanks for mentioning it at all. I'm exploring content on there now. :)

This is a great idea! I think it is different from regular blogging in that it's more of a book club/reading group in newsletter form. How much time do you think you spend on it per month? I would also be interested in reading it if you're open to sharing.

Which specific content on would you recommend?

Backup your stuff: My backup process is to scan or take pictures of items. Put files on an external hard drive. Backup that external drive to another external hard drive. Then I backup up everything to the cloud through Backblaze. That way you have the physical items themselves, the items on hard dr...(read more)

This is an interesting idea but I think something like it already exists: