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Mine also shows up indistinguished (I've noticed this a few other places on the site. And sometimes it is distinguished, but the line spacing is cramped). Firefox 54.0, Linux Mint 18.2

Oh right, I forgot this part. I have taken the survey (like two weeks ago)

[Namecoin]( is an attempt to use a blockchain to implement a decentralized DNS. (It also has an associated cryptocurrency, but that's not the important part.) I know someone who is doing some domain squatting on this. I don't think it's particularly likely to ta...(read more)

Only when being good at a game increases your propensity to play it. In my personal experience I think that's been true for less than half the games I've played.

> I actually have a list of about ten of these, which I will happily make available on request (i.e. I’ll write another discussion post about them if people are interested) but I don’t want the whole discussion of this post to be about this one single issue, which it was when I tried the content of ...(read more)

Any ecosystems which do not involve more suffering than pleasure shouldn't be exterminated, by that line of reasoning.

I believe the question is about things that are currently being done, not potential ways to legally maximize utility loss.

Huh, same here, it was much easier than I expected. Elsewhere in the comments, buybuydandavis noted a distinction between 'hearing' and 'saying', and I think that's what's going on here, for me it least. I say what I'm counting, but mostly hear what I'm reading.

I can't read while listening to some...(read more)

My single datapoint says no. I almost always subvocalize, but get quite vivid pictures while reading.