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Hi. I'm Gareth McCaughan. I've been a consistent reader and occasional commenter since the Overcoming Bias days. My LW username is "gjm" (not "Gjm" despite the wiki software's preference for that capitalization). Elsewehere I generally go by one of "g", "gjm", or "gjm11". I have a website and blog, neither of which has been substantially updated in about the last four years: I live near Cambridge (UK) and work for a small technology company in Cambridge. My business cards say "mathematician" but in practice my work is a mixture of simulation, data analysis, algorithm design, software development, problem-solving, and whatever random engineering no one else is doing. I am married and have a daughter born in mid-2006. The best way to contact me is by email: firstname dot lastname at pobox dot com. I am happy to be emailed out of the blue by interesting people. If you are an LW regular you are probably an interesting person in the relevant sense even if you think you aren't. If you're wondering why some of my old posts and comments are at surprisingly negative scores, it's because for some time I was the favourite target of old-LW's resident neoreactionary troll, sockpuppeteer and mass-downvoter.

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Another datapoint: I think this post is in fact reasonably self-contained, but gives the impression of not being. That is, it begins with a reference to something that (I guess) most of us have never heard of, and a link to a Tumblr; then in the next paragraph it makes reference to another thing tha...(read more)

What about if I have several different ideas what "lived experience is weird" might mean but no obvious way to identify just what sort of weirdness you're predicating of what sort of experience; is there any way to get more insight into your meaning for an investment smaller than the price of a book...(read more)

The way Conway likes to present it -- of course this only applies to Conway-style combinatorial games (perfect information, outcome is just win/lose, etc.) -- is as follows. First of all, identify a game with its initial position, so we don't need separate notions of "game" and "position". Now a gam...(read more)

Super-superficial note: I think you mean "pleas" rather than "please" in the title. (I was confused for several seconds by this.)

Here's a link to the actual article. (I'm not sure whether LW2's linkposts are just 100% broken or whether something in the moving-to-front-page process broke this one. Or whether somehow they work for other people but not for me. Anyway, I could find no sign of the actual link.)

The LaTeX editing box does some sort of autocompletion. Unfortunately it's incredibly annoying because it (1) usually doesn't autocomplete to what I am actually trying to enter, (2) it is hard to predict, and (3) it seems inconsistent as to whether if I keep typing the thing it's autocompleted to it...(read more)

The UK has not left the European Union. It has (narrowly) voted to do so, and it has issued the EU with formal notification of its intention to leave, and the obvious assumption is that it will in fact leave, but right now the UK is still in the EU and it's probably not impossible for it to stay in ...(read more)

I am manfully resisting the temptation to write a comment that actually says "refresh to render LaTeX!" just to mess with you.

For what it's worth, I find that when I say something using the Intercom widget I usually get a response within a few hours, and quite often within minutes.