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CS/math person working on curing cancer (for certain values of "curing" and "cancer"). Hopefully starting an ML PhD next fall. I blog at Despite my name and profession I'm not a biologist. I don't even *like* biology.

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Our first iteration had questions extremely similar to yours, actually. I believe we had rewordings of each of those questions. I don't have a good idea of what made them work, because I only started participating after they'd started to decline. There was a lot of socializing that dragged down disc...(read more)

Habitica is an app for tracking habits and tasks, designed to mimic an RPG, including the part where players form parties.

(If you want the full list I'd need an email so I can share the relevant spreadsheet)

  • Schedule passport photo appointment
  • Order glasses
  • Set up account with Vanguard
  • Call insurance company
  • Set up password management system
  • Schedule dentist appointment

I might have represented these as more social than I intended? 3/8 (sprints, worksheets, and Sphex) are not inherently group-focused. We tend to do them in groups, but I've tried all three on my own and seen approximately the same results. Still now that you point it out I think we (meaning the Bost...(read more)

I think it's better to think about it on the question level: There were a lot of questions ("What are you working on now", for instance) that received basically the same answer every time, so they were useless. Some other questions ("What do you need to get off your plate") tended to receive the sam...(read more)

Maybe worth saying: I think of all of these as instrumental rationality outputs. They aren't meant to make people more rational, they're ideas a rational person might come up with in order to accomplish other goals.

From a software engineering perspective, your first founder is completely correct. The second you have something that runs you want to show it to users, because they're part of your feedback loop. You want to see how someone who knows nothing about your system will interact with it, whether they'll ...(read more)

So why didn't the Bank of Japan print more money? If they didn't have an incentive one way or another I would expect them to cave to the political pressure, so what was the counter-incentive? Did they genuinely disagree and think that printing money was a bad idea? Were they reluctant to change poli...(read more)