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Working on LessWrong 2.0! Also a member of the Sunshine Regiment. Based in Oxford, will move to the Bay in 10 months. Will update my bio more later.

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Wow. This was great. I really liked sitting and thinking through the update that Pat would/should make on observing the in-fact outcome of HPMOR. I have in my head the feelings assocciated with generating Pat's arguments, and I have in my head the notion of 'keeping your eye on the ball' - looking a...(read more)

Datapoint: Reading InEq changed my thinking habits when evaluating projects much more than this essay did. This essay mostly reminded me to be surprised at the success of HPMOR, and think about all the useful cognitive updates Pat Modesto would make if he were to fully update on the datapoint of HPM...(read more)

A thing that feels sad to me (in the vein of chapter sections being necessary): the fact that the majority of all long form content that I and anybody I know takes in, is SSC, WaitButWhy, and John Oliver - the only stuff where the hedonic hit rate is at least once per paragraph/breath. I can't remem...(read more)

Woop! The final chapter (bar the conclusion)! I would promote this to Featured just for that, to let folks know it's concluded and that you can read each excellent post in a single sitting. However, there's a bunch of other great things: the significance of the effects of anxious underconfidence - t...(read more)

I like that this post helped both connect previous concepts and distinguish subtleties in those concepts. I had many (all?) of the component concepts, but I had not in-fact noticed the significant overlap of "X is not about Y" and goodheart's law, and so I've promoted it to Featured.

I found this chapter a bit hard to parse as a whole - there were a bunch of individual arguments against modesty, but I didn't come away feeling their interconnectedness. This might just be a personal quirk, and I will read it again, because I really appreciated many of the different sections e.g. t...(read more)

Yup, it seems to me quite correct that general expertise in pedagogy, and specifically pedagogy of technical subjects (math, physics etc) is highly relevant. I do believe that one of the founders of CFAR has a PhD in Math/Science Education, so I think that Eliezer+Anna agreed with you and sought suc...(read more)

“No; any outsider would have thought that you both had unimpressive track records, and that neither of you were anywhere near the sort of expert to whom epistemic modesty counsels deference.” Advice to follow track records and trust externally observable eliteness, would—contra Eliezer—have favored ...(read more)

I didn't quite follow your comment - why does the fact that such a person didn't exist, mean Eliezer was characterising modesty as majroitarianism? Also, this paragraph states that majoritarianism is one of three things (Eliezer thinks) modesty is often associated with, and he goes to explain why no...(read more)